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15.06.2024 Sat +528,156 $ 198 - $ 1.19K
09.06.2024 Sun +289,199 $ 108 - $ 650
06.06.2024 Thu +165,979 $ 62 - $ 373
03.06.2024 Mon +330,674 $ 124 - $ 744
30.05.2024 Thu +432,723 $ 162 - $ 973
25.05.2024 Sat +414,628 $ 155 - $ 932
20.05.2024 Mon +424,124 $ 159 - $ 954
15.05.2024 Wed +783,082 $ 293 - $ 1.76K
06.05.2024 Mon +446,913 $ 167 - $ 1.01K
30.04.2024 Tue +275,831 $ 103 - $ 620
26.04.2024 Fri +258,642 $ 96 - $ 581
22.04.2024 Mon +321,312 $ 120 - $ 722
18.04.2024 Thu +348,666 $ 130 - $ 784
14.04.2024 Sun +301,341 $ 113 - $ 678

VICE Asia biography

VICE Asia is a media company that focuses on producing content related to news, culture, and lifestyle in the Asian region. With a team of dedicated journalists, VICE Asia provides in-depth articles, documentaries, and videos covering a wide range of topics. The channel aims to offer a unique perspective on stories and issues that are often underreported or overlooked by mainstream media. By exploring the diverse cultures, social issues, and emerging trends in Asia, VICE Asia strives to connect with its audience and provide them with compelling and thought-provoking content.

VICE Asia controversies

As with any media organization, VICE Asia has faced its share of controversies. One notable controversy involved a documentary produced by VICE Asia that shed light on a sensitive political topic in a certain country. The documentary received backlash from some viewers who felt that it misrepresented the situation and lacked objectivity. VICE Asia responded to the criticism by acknowledging the concerns raised and committed to addressing them in future content. This incident sparked a larger conversation about the responsibility and ethics of journalism in the digital age. Despite the controversies, VICE Asia continues to produce content that informs, entertains, and challenges its audience.

VICE Asia famous quotes

We wanted to do stories about people who you never hear about, and that's where we found our voice.
We wanted to build a media company that played by the rules, but maybe changed them a little bit.
We wanted to shine a light on the things that weren't being shown.
The internet gave us a great chance to start a company and access all these crazy people around the world who, just a few years earlier, we wouldn't have had a chance to meet.
Sometimes people just want to hear the truth, even if it's uncomfortable or unpopular.
VICE was built on this idea that the world needs honest journalism to function, and we need to be able to express all these voices.
It's a strange thing to essentially have a history-making party with a bunch of well-wishers and friends who genuinely love the organization and are proud of it.
You've got to stick with it and not give up and not quit.
I think a lot of brands or media companies think that youth culture is a demographic, and I think VICE is just too small-minded of an organization to think that way.
I believe one of the main reasons VICE has been successful is because we learned that the internet is the most powerful tool in history to connect with young people.